Fright Fest 2011: Pumpkins, Butts & Bellies Round-Up

Over the years I’ve received a lot of painted bellies, carved pumpkins, and, this year, even some painted baby butts! Which is a trend! The ‘bumkin’ trend…GET WITH IT. So to kick off today’s Halloween festivities, I’ve decided to post what’s in that folder for you all to enjoy. Why dive into more gross posts right away when we can start our STFUP Halloween with something a little lighter? Like the submission above! Who doesn’t love a girls night in belly painting session? 

Note that this is profile picture 82 of 386. Jessica REALLY likes switching that shit up. And this was last year, so who knows how many are in there now.

Meagan’s daughter painted this, which is cute, but her name is Kaeli, so there’s that.

Just regular face paint will do the trick, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of pregnancy belly painting kits out there. (I still think belly casts are where the real art is at; they’re more permanent!)

Speaking of art, pumpkin carvings sure have advanced since I was a kid.

Impressive! And scary. I can’t decide if I want to high-five the person who carved this baby or run for my life in the other direction. I’m also resisting a “Bad Seed” joke right now like you wouldn’t believe. (Get it? Pumpkins…seeds…? Eh.)

I’m resisting the same joke with this carving, but with a totally different meaning:

I guess I’m supposed to think, “How beautiful. The light of life is flickering inside her womb.” But what I’m actually thinking is, “OF COURSE someone carved a “laboring pumpkin.” THIS IS SO BORING.” Especially since this is the type of parent who will probably post something like this (minus my editing) one day:

“Ha ha, our son hates clothing so I took this funny picture of him wearing a pumpkin necklace that’s perfectly draped over his penis…lol! My little nude model!”

Painted baby butts are so in right now. Move over, Anne Geddes! A new photo trend is in town. So you can take your pea-in-a-pod idea and shove it! Parents (and aunts) are onto you!

Just look at this cute pose:

Adorable. And a LOT of people have sent this viral pic my way:

Yikes. Bet he(or she)’d make a good print with that giant ass!

I’m not sure which is more annoying – the word “bumkin” or the way Raychl spells her name. That is pure vowel butchery. 

For the record, I do prefer the bumkin trend over the “stick your baby in a pumpkin” trend.

So sad.

So awkward. 

….And for my grand finale, it’s Mom’s Gold Star winner Elizabeth with an update on last year’s costume! She has since given birth to her alien-lizard baby, so this year she and her husband opted to “take it back in time to the Twilight Zone era of alien abductions/impregnations.” Finally, someone who’s willing to forego modern trends and focus on something classic.

Thanks, Elizabeth!

(submitted by Anonymous)

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